Handmade Vintage Coffee Bean Silos








Welcome to STUDIO NIOTIS, a legacy of craftsmanship rooted in the heart of Markopoulo, Greece. Since 1984, we’ve cultivated a tradition of excellence in processing bronze and copper, transforming raw materials into bespoke creations that marry artistry with functionality.

Specializing in Vintage Industrial Design, our atelier breathes life into diverse forms – from illuminating fixtures to storied coffee bean silos and timeless furniture. Each piece carries the hallmark of meticulous handmade craftsmanship, an embodiment of our unwavering commitment to quality and uniqueness.

At the helm of our family-owned business are two brothers, stewards of a heritage that has transcended borders. While based in Greece, our creations have found homes in businesses across continents. Renowned coffee franchises in the USA, Canada, England, France, Australia, Dubai, Kenya, Jeddah, and Singapore entrust us with their coffee bean silos, a testament to the trust we’ve earned globally.

What sets us apart is our dedication to authenticity. Nothing leaves our studio that isn’t imbued with the essence of artisanal craftsmanship. We take pride in handcrafting every piece, eschewing mass production for the sake of preserving individuality and quality.


Our commitment to excellence extends beyond aesthetics. All our materials are meticulously selected and certified for food use, ensuring both safety and beauty coexist seamlessly. To safeguard our creations during transit, we employ certified wooden boxes, minimizing any risk of damage while championing sustainability.

In our pursuit of sustainability, we embrace recycled bronze, infusing each creation with a sense of environmental consciousness. Moreover, our bespoke approach welcomes the vision of our clients – we stand ready to bring to life any design our customers envisage, making their dreams tangible through our artistry.

At STUDIO NIOTIS, our legacy is not just in the objects we craft, but in the stories they tell and the connections they forge. Join us on a journey where craftsmanship meets imagination, where every creation bears the soulful touch of our artisans, and where the extraordinary becomes a reality.

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